Keep your bedding clean

Keep your bedding clean

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping under our duvets, so it’s important to keep them fresh, clean and comfortable.

Most of us will change our duvet covers on a regular basis, but it’s important to not forget about washing the duvet itself. These don’t need to be cleaned quite as often; every 6 months should be enough.

The labels on many duvets suggest getting them cleaned professionally, however you can also do it yourself. Here are some helpful tips to help you freshen up your duvet!

Preparing your duvet. Remove the covers and check it for any holes. If necessary, you may want to sew up any holes to prevent the filling from coming out in the washing machine.

Read the care labels carefully. The wash requirements will vary depending on the filling of your duvet. Duvets with synthetic fillings can use a normal spin setting, but duvets with feather or down fillings need to be washed on a gentle cycle using a detergent without enzymes.

Check that the machine is big enough to fit the duvet. Revolution 8kg (€4 per cycle) washer fits a single duvet and 18kg (€8 per cycle) unit comfortably accommodates king size duvet or two pillows in once cycle.

Non-bio detergent is kind to most duvet fillings, but check the care label first. A non-bio detergent is automatically dispensed in every cycle of Revolution launderette, if your duvet has noticeable stains, use a  pre-treat stain remover and select ‘pre-wash’ option with your cycle.

Drying your duvet. When it comes to drying your duvet; the quicker, the better. Leaving your duvet to line dry takes a long time and could result in your duvet growing mildew and mould, or smelling a little musty. Using a drier is the best option, or partially drying your duvet in the dryer and then allowing to air dry afterwards. Revolution launderette 18kg dryer comfortably accommodates king size duvet or two pillows in a cycle. The drying cycle runs in intervals of 15 minutes for €2, you may pre-select your cycle up to 90 minutes.

Remember, it’s important not wash your duvet too often as this could cause your duvet to come apart. An easy reminder is to wash them when the seasons change and you’re switching between your light summer duvet and your heavier winter duvet.